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About MADE IN THE USA Vintage Craftool Leather Stamps

Craftool Company began in the Los Angeles California area in the late 1940's with the goal to introduce leatherworking tools that would be affordable to many. In those early years, Craftool enlisted many existing stamp makers and leathercrafters to design and create a large and varied selection of leathercraft tools that could be used for stamping or carving. Ultimately, Craftool Company manufactured high quality, hand and machine crafted, solid steel, chrome plated leathercraft stamps in Los Angeles until 1963 and then in Fort Worth Texas from 1963 until 1999 at which time the Craftool Manufacturing facility was closed permanently due to corporate downsizing. It's a great testimony to the skill and craftsmanship of the employees of Craftool Company USA that the tools they manufactured decades ago are still providing leathercrafters enjoyment and beautiful results. Craftool branded leathercraft stamps made since 1999 were manufactured in Taiwan or China and are generally regarded as not having the fine detail, quality and durability that the early genuine USA-made Craftool stamps were known to possess by previous generations of leathercrafters.

Craftool is a registered trademark of Tandy Leather.