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Barbed Wire-Small 4-Piece Leather Stamp Set

Ivan Leathercraft Company

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•Barbed Wire-Large 4-Piece Leather Stamp Set.
•This stamp set can be used to create authentic looking barbed wire border designs.
•Zinc alloy composition provides excellent detail and is great for normal use.
•Nickel finish plating adds protection from corrosion, increases wear resistance and enhances the appearance.
•Knurled handles for good grip.
•Quality leathercraft stamp set makes a crisp impression on veg-tanned leather.
•Brand new leather design stamp set will provide years of use.
•The set includes: BW1-2, BW2-2, BW3-2 and BW4-2 stamps.
•Approx. stamp size:
Connector BW1-2: 5/16"x5/32" (7.9x4.0mm).
2-Barb BW2-2: 3/8"x9/32" (9.5x7.1mm).
Corner BW3-2: 5/16"x5/16" (7.9x7.9mm).
4-Barb BW4-2: 3/8"x9/32" (9.5x7.1mm).