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Beveler-Smooth B203 Vintage Leather Stamp Unmarked UM337 EXTREMELY RARE

Unmarked Vintage

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Beveler-Smooth Vintage Leather Stamp Unmarked EXTREMELY RARE
*Similar is size and style to Craftool beveler B203.
*This tool was made with attention to detail in grinding, handle knurling and finishing and although it is not marked with a maker, it is a quality leathercraft stamp and will make a great addition to your leatherwork tool collection.
*Approx. stamp dimensions: 5/32"x9/32" (4.0x7.1mm).

Please note: Condition is used. Vintage, used leather stamps show signs of use from previous owners. This may include scratches, marks, paint, blemishes, missing finish, rust, etc., but still make a clear, crisp impression when stamped on leather. Additionally, we may have multiple copies of this stamp in our inventory so the tool you receive may have slight variations from the image(s) shown. Variations could include wear patterns from the previous owner(s) and other details that make each leather stamp unique. The crisp, clear and detailed stamp impression shown in the image is a close representation of the impression the stamp you receive will make in properly cased (dampened) veg-tanned leather.