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Black Veg-Tan Cowhide Leather Blank Belt Strip 60" Long

Leatherwork Tool Supply

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These beautiful, 8-9 oz. (3.2mm-3.6mm) black veg-tan cowhide strips are great for belts, holster belts, rifle slings, guitar straps, purse straps and other strap-type projects.

The strips are cut from veg-tan cowhide sides that have been dyed throughout. The grain side has a slight glossy finish and a smooth or fine grain surface. The flesh side is also finished smooth. All this while retaining the full grain genuine leather-look and with minimum stretch or distortion. And because it is veg-tanned, this leather will "edge" far better than other tannages. The strip will measure about 1/16" less that the ordered width to accommodate belt buckles and other hardware.