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Border D2171 Craftplus Leather Stamp

Ivan Leathercraft Company

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Border D2171 Craftplus Leather Stamp. Craftplus brand handcrafted leather stamping tools are made from durable, matte stainless steel so they will stand up to the demands of daily use and still give you a crisp and clean impression every time. Each Craftplus brand handcrafted leathercraft stamp goes through a 15 to 20 step crafting process, and then is individually packaged with a leather stamping of the tool impression and a final quality stamp of approval. The crisp, clear and detailed stamp impression shown in the image is a representation of the impression the stamp will make in properly cased (dampened) veg-tanned leather.
•Approx. stamp size: 17/32"x17/32" (13.5x13.5mm).