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Jeweler's Rouge White 1.5 oz. (42 grams) 3324-01

Ivan Leathercraft Company

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Jewelers rouge is used to create highly polished edges on swivel knife blades, chisels and other cutting tools making cutting easier and smoother. Indications that polishing/stropping may be necessary is when using the tool, there is dragging or cutting difficulty. Stropping the blade removes microscopic scratches and polishes. Most new swivel knife blades are pre-sharpened and only need to be stropped (polished).
Approximate size: 2-1/4" long, 7/8" diameter (57.2mm long, 22.2mm diameter)

To create an effective polishing strop:
Vigorously rub a generous amount of jewelers rouge on the flesh side of a piece of leather, or poster board or card stock.

To use the polishing strop:
Position the blade on the strop so the beveled edge of the blade is flat on the surface of the strop. Slowly press down on the blade and pull towards you several times. The gray marks that appear on the strop are metal residue. Repeat on both sides of the blade. Wipe any rogue residue off the blade clean before using on leather.