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Natural Cowhide Blank Belt Strip Veg-Tan Tooling Leather 8-9 oz. (3.2 to 3.6 mm) 50" (1.27m) Long

Leatherwork Tool Supply

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These cowhide strips are great for belts, holster belts, rifle slings, guitar straps, purse straps and other strap-type projects. Carefully cut natural leather strip from 8 to 9 oz. veg-tanned strap leather. This heavy leather strip will create a durable leather belt that will hold up through the roughest use. Vegetable tanned leather offers the leathercrafter the ability to carve and stamp crisp designs and, if desired, dye and finish with beautiful results. All this while retaining the full grain genuine leather-look and with minimum stretch or distortion. And because it is veg-tanned, this leather will "edge" far better than other tannages. The width will measure about 1/16" less that the ordered width to accommodate belt buckles and other hardware.

The weight is 8-9 oz. and thickness is approx. 8/64" to 9/64" (3.2 to 3.6 mm). Length is 50" (1.27m).