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Premium Leather Edge Beveler Sz. #2 (1.0mm) 28183-02

Craft Japan

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Leather edgers are used to round the edges of leathers of varying thicknesses. This Flint brand leather edge beveler is milled to perfection and has an arched design to let you cut cleanly and evenly on all thicknesses of leather. The blade of this professional tool is made of high quality D2 tool steel, meaning it has extremely high wear resistance and edge-holding ability. The handle is designed to ensure ease in every use, and boasts an exquisite look by using beautiful walnut, and brass ferrules to add class to this fantastic tool. Like all edgers, this tool is not recommended for very soft leather.

Size #2: 1.0mm (between 1/32" and 3/64") - Removes about 1.0mm from the corner of edge. Considered medium, for thin to medium thickness leather in the 2 oz. to 6 oz. range.