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Spacer/Overstitch & Embossing Wheel Handle 8091-21

Ivan Leathercraft Company

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This is an excellent multi-use tool. It can be used to quickly mark where to punch stitching holes (spacing); once stitching is complete, it can be used to create an impressed, formed and finished look to the stitching (overstitch); roll the overstitch spacer back and forth on your leather project to create three-dimensional stitch like markings on the surface; and the handle fits our embossing wheels (sold separately) create fast and easy border designs.

Included in the package:
•Contoured hardwood handle handle.
•Four interchangeable spacer/overstitch wheels in 5, 6, 7 and 8 holes per inch.
•Small screwdriver.

Sold separately:
•Embossing Wheels #8091 for creating border designs.